A beauty and style expert, seasoned and savvy Black Female Entrepreneur DLUSSO COLLECTION Founder CEO Gloria Tinu Abiodun  (Popularly known as Tinu, NAMED by her successful salon and academy : ‘HOUSE OF TINU’ is a passionate British born Beautypreneur, with a mission to help women become more fabulous , glamourous and confident in their skin. Through her passion for hair and beauty at her younger age, she prepared her career through experience and education in her passion. She has worked with an impressive variety of hair salon, spa, cruise, and owning a very popular hair and extension centre salon in Manchester. companies, paving her way up and founded Dlusso collection.

Conceived in 2017 and registered and launched in 2018, DLUSSO HAIR COMPANY has quickly grown to take an amazing stand in the market with ‘Quality you can see and feel’ products, with already national and international customers, we aim to be become one of the most luxury hair extension retailers in the UK marked by the brand’s lustrous 100% Pure Cuticle, Virgin and Remy Hair products for multicultural customers and beautiful products from around the world. Tinu’s business acumen as a successful Black Female Entrepreneur can be accredited to life principles and experiences. “I took those experienced ideas and applied them to every facet of my life, especially my business ventures.”

These values were also added when Tinu’s tenure at ‘THE UNIVERSITY OF DERBY ‘ where she graduated with an international spa/salon management degree that influenced her decision to start her business and her intensive training, in all hair types and beauty gave her insight to every part of womens beauty and hair.

“I understand the struggle with our hair . I wanted to produce a product that can provide a solution to our needs .”

Coupled with her extensive training, her love of learning and commitment to holistic beauty Tinu’s approach to the cosmetic beauty industry is one to be rivalled. Unlike many hair retailers, Tinu is immersed in the beauty industry.

In addition to her degree with ‘THE UNIVERSITY OF DERBY ’, she is also a graduate of ‘THE UNIVERSITY OF ARTS ‘ Fashion and Beauty College , Waltham store Beauty college and more. In Tinu’s own words, I always had a deep love and passion for enhancing beauty and business.

Armed with these skills, Tinu had the opportunity to work with an impressive variety of major corporate brands including cosmetic companies.
She has also been featured in some publications in the UK and brand ambassadors to popular hair care brands. With her brand known as the “Quality Hair Extensions Brand”  With her expertise and skills for hair and beauty, Tinu Abiodun continues to flourish and live up to her dream of delivering the quality service to all her clients.

Amongst her hair range collection. She has an  Exclusive line ‘ EURO PRIVE’  for European Hair Type and colours   have been getting amazing feedback since its addition in January 2019!

As the number of options for beauty products continues to grow, DLUSSO collection will continue to grow in portfolio with innovative product ventures, Tinu remain ahead of the curve and work these trends to the benefit of her loyal customers.

For more information on Tinu Abiodun or to arrange a meeting, you may contact pressandpr@dlussocollection.com.